Men’s round one two & three captured by Jason Broderick.

Lords of Tram commenced on Tuesday, featuring fireworks in the opening rounds and storylines throughout the Men’s fleet. We got through R3 Mens, now we’re onto semis, finals, and the full Womens comp. Watch it here.

FPS 7:30AM

Tuesday began cold, clear, 30-40 kts. Slam a coffee, rig up, on the water at sunrise. If you showed up first thing, you were treated to some of the best big air riding to date, as just about everyone had a double loop to share in round one.

The second Casati is First

Lorenzo’s little brother Leonardo finally took the stage at a Men’s Comp – R1H1 vs. Marc & Edgar – and absolutely lit it up. S-Loops to warm up, double loop board off first trick ever. Leonardo’s here not just to participate, he’s here to win, taking his first heat comfortably.

JBo’s Flying

Two heats averaging mid-7s and Jeremy Burlando’s looking like a tough out at LOT. Round one, nuking wind, and his doubles were solid, topping Stino and Evan with a 22.97. Round three, variable winds, huge singles, 21.96. Slingshot’s posterboy was the top scoring rider and looks poised for a podium.

The Shark

Josue Ferreira – aka Baby Shark – came in relatively unknown last year and made a statement reaching semis. Tuesday he made another one, topping the field with a 9.5 and second-highest overall score on the day. He just might win this thing.


Round one was seriously windy. The lightest riders could barely hold onto their edge, kites bucking on the side of the window. The early start wasn’t the most fan-friendly, but kiteboarding conditions don’t really care when you want to wake up.

Close Calls for the King

Andrea was beatable today. His takeoffs were aggressively upwind, he bobbled a few landings, he kept it close. But even his bobbles are enough for heat wins, keeping his run of form going with a spot in the semis.

The Right Tool for the Job?

When winds got lighter midday, Evan Klijn unpacked a Flysurfer foil kite for his R3 Heat. He stuck one loop on it, but quickly gave it up for an LEI.

Gillett’s Here

South African Josh Gillett let his hair down and smashed double after double after double. He snuck his way into the semis, topping Leonardo Casati in R3.

Marc Exits

It was all lining up for Marc, squeaking out double loops left and right through heats one and two. But it ended abruptly in round three, where the landing gear couldn’t quite muscle it out and something popped. Wishing Marc the best of luck.

Lorenzo Is Doubled Up

Everything’s doubled back for Lorenzo after last year, including his leash.

Rock Paper Scissors for Semis

Jason thought he had it, Edgar thought he had it. Ultimately the judges decided to give the guys a few more trick attempts due to an error in the trick categorization. Edgar handlepassed his way through. Jason was left fuming.

Comps Test You

Aaron knows. He put forward his best today and beat some kids half his age. For Jason, it’s a harder defeat to stomach.