1) The wrapped and blind kicker hits are mad:

This is wrapped.
This is blind.

It’s hard enough landing blind or wrapped, let alone hitting a kicker in these modes and then in Tom’s case, passing out of it.

But if you think that this could be the start of a new genre, it isn’t. Hitting it in wrapped, you can only unwind. So in that sense, it is quite limiting.

He only starting toying with this in Cape Town 2023, which, when you step back and consider it all in the context of the whole world and it’s complexities – it is ridiculous that he’s got this much of a handle over it in such a small amount of time.

2) This is may be his best line to date.

3) It was very very windy all week and he rode anyway.

Andrea was out doing mad shit in the same sessions – it doesn’t matter if it’s 30knots+, Tom can do it.

4) And this is potentially an NBD, no one is sure. Somebody ask Aaron. Pete Rose 5?

p.s it was all one session. one.

UPDATE. Blind Pete. Thanks Noè.

^ The aforementioned Mexico video.