Time to reveal the winning kite + a little background on the hottest bromance in kiteboarding.

Got an idea for the next series? Who should test? Sizes? what discipline? let us know below (we actually listen)


This is the final episode of Series 2: Cape Town. 8 Big Air kites. All 9m. All blank. Unbiased testing by three of the biggest names in big air.

Big thanks to the brands that took part in this. Props to them for believing in their product and trusting us to do a fair job. And thanks to Ocean Rodeo, Ozone and North for being open minded and letting their riders test for us. Legends.

Follow the pros here: https://www.instagram.com/marcjacobsk… https://www.instagram.com/gielvlugt/ https://www.instagram.com/rubenlen10/

Height tracking provided by @woosports https://woosports.com/

with FPV footage from @JanekGrzegorzewski and drone footage from https://www.instagram.com/arlinladue/

Videography by https://www.instagram.com/kinas_photos/ https://www.instagram.com/miriam_joan… and https://www.instagram.com/nonoise_media/

Stills by https://www.instagram.com/miriam_joan… and https://www.instagram.com/arlinladue/

thanks to the caddies: https://www.instagram.com/hamzawykite… https://www.instagram.com/youssef_kit… https://www.instagram.com/loicdeconinck/

thanks to Steezy Pete for beach management https://www.instagram.com/steezy_pete…

thanks to the microphone caddies: https://www.instagram.com/gabby_piora… https://www.instagram.com/domas_life/ and the legend (his words) himself: https://www.instagram.com/kitesurf365

and thank you to me as always.

individual kite models: https://northkb.com/products/orbit-20… https://slingshotsports.com/products/… https://ozonekites.com/kites/kitesurf… https://airush.com/kites/lift-kite/ https://www.f-one.world/product/trigger/ https://ridecore.com/us/kite/kites/ne… https://harlemkitesurfing.com/product…

see u in the next series. xoxoxoxoxo