Day 01 through the eyes of Jason Broderick.

The first comp of the year – Lords of Tram – started today with a hurry up and wait. The wind came through briefly, but not enough to complete a heat, so it’ll be an all-day affair Tuesday in Le Barcarès. Watch it here.

Locked In

Zara and the women’s fleet is ready to (finally) get back to it. Her and Core teammate Jasmine Cho were the only rider’s to enter sequence today, briefly trading turns before the heat was abandon. Last year 5th in LOT, 3rd in Tarifa, Zara’s here to win and setup a shot at the world championship.

One of a kind for Zara

Zara hit the water with a one-off Carved carbon twintip, all the details are there for a reason. This metallic blue board is highlighted with strike orange details and logos, that batch not only Zara’s wetsuit, but her harness and even as far as her nails. She’s definitely thinking about the details.

Many Hands for Baby Shark

He’s flown his dad in – now let’s see what Baby Shark can pull off. This was the event that rocketed him into the spotlight, a podium would change everything again.

The Art of Waiting

Marc’s the experienced one at the table. No need to stress when the forecast isn’t there. Acclimate to the place, catch up with JVDS. Tuesday’s all in.

Lambrecht Awaits

Nathalie, with a little help from sister Nicole, prep a new quiver of Orbits for the show. In last years World Title race, she finished runner up to Mika, this year it’s anyone’s game to claim the ladies title.

Stickered Up

Everyone’s quiver tells a story. Every sticker a vote of confidence and a gamble. On the rider, the tour, the sport.

Go Big (again)

2024 Andrea looks to continue the magical streak. This comp last year was his last loss (to Liam), since then it’s been a dream.

Writing History

It’s a short list of comps every year that are written into the history books. Lords of Trams is one of them. What’s tattoo worthy? For Andrea, 23 says it all.

Pearls are always appropriate

Francesca’s pearl neckless is comp-ready. 4th last year, is a podium in the cards?

Locals Welcome

Big Air comps rarely get as cushy as Barcarès on Monday (… it also didn’t run). Tuesday temps will drop and winds ramp up. Let’s get it.