The father of BRAINCHILD Production promises to change the industry.

words: Colin Colin Carroll

He ‘computes’ in his sleep. That’s right. He goes to bed with a problem (not a euphanism). And wakes up with the answer (not a euphanism).

He’s here to change the game. By setting up his own factory, with in-house material development and design in mind, he is well placed to create products that will beat everything that have gone before it.

He’s thinking BIG picture. Ralf’s goals are not to win championships or own a kite brand. He wishes to fundamentally change the industry. He sees a more sustainable future. Not just a greenwashing one. He sees a high-performance future. But not a bank-breaking one. And most of all, he sees his contribution to the sport on a more global scale. Not just one brand. All of them.

He only started sleeping okay in his 30s. It was only then that he brain ‘began to slow down’ enough to let him sleep.

He ‘can see aerodynamics’. So he looks at wind hitting a canopy, and see’s the physics at an atomic level.

He chooses to drive a Skoda. He also owns race cars, but he likes the Skoda, because it does a better job of what it is designed to do: hold shit, and cart him and his huge brain around in a safe and efficient manner.

He thinks of kite material like a loaded spring.

He thinks about the ‘vibration’ of kite lines.

He thinks that no one else thinks like he thinks.

and we think the same, tbh. Listen to the full Ralf interview, in parts, starting here:

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