The list of riders competing in the 1st event of the year.

words: Colin Colin Carroll

LOT 2024 is 30 march – 28 april, btw.

Here’s the list. Scroll to bottom for people missing.


Andrea Principi IT
Liam Whaley ES
Lorenzo Casati ES
Cohan Van Dijk NL
Giel Vlugt NL

Jamie Overbeek NL
Josue San Ferreira BR
Marc Jacobs NZ

Jeremy Burlando ES
Luca Ceruti ZA
Jason Van Der Spuy ZA
Aaron Hadlow UK
Stino Mul NL
Edgar Ulrich FR
Julian Hunyh FR

Arthur Guillebert FR
Clement Huot FR

Val Garat FR
Nathan Texier FR
Evan Klijn NL
Leonardo Casati ES

Martin Rahnel EE
Shahar Tsabary IL
Ruben Swart AU


Nathalie Lambrecht SE

Angely Bouillot FR

Zara Hoogenraad NL

Justin Avril FR

Francesca Maini GB

Pippa Van Iersel NL

Jasmine Cho US

Sara Sadek EG

Lana Herman SI

Zoe Peters DE

KarlieThoma UM

Alessa Mensch DE

What we learnt:

  1. Mika M.I.A

We’re not sure why, but the reigning world champion, Mikaili Sol, is out. Maybe knee. Maybe burnout.

2. Liam Whaley and Cohan Van Dijk ARE on the list

Both of which are currently injured. Cohan is recovering from an MCL tear, and Liam has been out since 2023 RedBull Megaloop with a back injury. Both are expected to pull out of this year’s LOT, so if you’re on the reserve list, stay close to the phone.

3. Pippa Van Iersel returns after a two year hiatus

She’s won BAKL events before, but this is her GKA Big Air debut.


4. No Nico Gambier, Stig Hoefnagle, Lucas Gramstrup

^ all of which have competed for GKA titles before.

5. Casati vs. Casati COULD HAPPEN

Finally, Lorenzo’s younger brother (rumoured to be just-as-good), Leonardo, has entered the chat. He’s sitting on the rider’s list for LOT, where he COULD end up going head to head with his brother. Imagine.

6. Lana Herman arrives

Who the f*ck is Lana Herman? She’s top of the women’s leaderboard for The Portrait Open 2024. She’s from Slovenia, she’s 25. She has a Maths degree. And she gets her friends to kick her in the thighs to toughen her up. She’s ready for LOT.

7. Cant remember wtf happened last year?

No worries, we got you. Check the series: POSTERBOYS, now.

or watch the first episode, streaming on YouTube now: