The 2023 Red Bull King of the Air is behind us, we’ve witnessed Andrea Principi be crowned as our new King, but more importantly, we get to crown our own King of Fantasy for 2023.

Let’s raise our kites to 12 in honour of our victorious few…

1st: “Tapas Galore” Susana Fueyo Suarez (685.62)
2nd: “Trep” Silver Siim (683.28)
T-3rd: “Ave it” Elliot Watts + “Easy Win” Alexander Krall (681.54)

just off the podium but with a year subscription to Portrait is:
“Take me to the promised Burlando” Michael Byrne (681.06)

1st place is walking away with the latest North 8m Orbit Pro + Navigator Bar, 2nd place takes home a 136 North Atmos Carbon, whilst 3rd place will be sporting a new Mystic Stealth Harness.

The Dream Team!

The perfect picks would have been…

Tier A: Lorenzo Casati
Tier B: Jeremy Burlando & Edgar Ulrich
Tier C: Stijn Mul & Babyshark Tu Tu Tu Tu
Double Points: Lorenzo Casati
Brand: Haarlem
Mystic Move: Lorenzo Casati

Total score: 698.88

Pro Teams!

Knowing what we have always known, you would think the pro riders would have a pretty good understanding of who might actually do well in this fizzy drink event, well once again you are wrong. Their fantasy team scores are as follows.

Lorenzo’s Team: 634.25
Andrea’s Team: 619.83
Jaime’s Team: 590.78
Baby Shark’s Team: 545.21
Sam Light’s Team: 520.81
Marc’s Team: 431.73
Jason’s Team: 366.22
Giel’s Team: 328.89

Meaning, our highest-placed “Pro” team comes in at unceremonial low 226th place.


Yes, you all will have your moment of redemption in 2024. Fantasy Kiteboarding has plans to bring you even more fantasy events, as well as the opportunity to create your own private leagues where you can face off against your friends and family.

Here’s a meaningless Thank You for being a part of this event.