Now, we don’t get to choose who gets in to KOTA and who doesn’t. We really don’t. Obviously. But that doesn’t stop us sounding like we do.

This year, it is fairly easy to stop the top8. In no particular order, it’s the usual suspects of:

  • Cohan Van Dijk
  • Jeremy Burlando
  • Giel Vlugt
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Edgar Ulrich
  • Jason Van Der Spuy
  • Stijn Mul (2023 will be his debut, after being overlooked last year)
  • Luca Ceruti

But for the #9th and #10th spots? It gets hard. Here are the entries that we feel deserve an honourable mention, and some of the best.


Aaron sticks to the video entry requirements and give’s us a little spice on the 5th trick: Contra Boogie Board Off with a pass at the end. Has it been done before? We don’t think so. Is it hard? Yes. Will it score well? Who knows. What we do know, is that he’s right on the edge of getting into this year’s KOTA. And it could go either way.


It’s the bastard that beat the GOAT, and Cohan Van Dijk, at their own game. This year. He’s being heralded as the ‘Big Air Bebe’. His video doesn’t do him justice.

Giel Vlugt

For the sheer phwoar, and for the fact that he’s just bust his sternum. Is 12 weeks enough time to recover and perform like this?

Charles Brodel

A foil board in KOTA will cause uproar, but that’s what RedBull like. So we’ll see. What this doesn’t show is that he’s sick in waves (his foil is no problem somehow) and he took Arthur Guillebert to his limit at the latest BAKL stop in Tarifa.

Arthur Guillebert

Speaking of. Probably the strongest video entry of the top 8-14. But it’s all flat water. And it’s mostly right foot forward. Judges won’t like that.

Big Marcy J

One of the strongest of the lot. And great hair. Crazy to think that the 2021 winner is having to qualify via video entry. But such are the times.

La Nouvelle Bomb

^ this is what they shout when a ‘new hottie’ comes into the villa: It’s your boy Edgar, champion of Love Island France 2023. Cindy does not feature in his entry video. Regrettably.

Jeremy Burlando

A not-subtle reminder of why he’s the man of the moment.

So there you have it. There’s a shitload more but above are the ones of note. If you’re a big-air pest you will also want to watch Airton’s and Kimo Verkerk’s and Timo Boersma’s.

Want something to get you in the KOTA mood? Go rewatch THE ERASER. Treat yourself.