Adrian’s long standing love for Jason Van Der Spy. This stems from him mentioning him relentlessly during 2020. It soon got tiring to listen to and hence the joke was born that Adrian is in love with him. This is still a sensitive topic to this day.

The Shitmunks. This is the name of Colin’s Woo Worlds Team, who are a band of unruly kiteboarders from across the globe.

Steezy Wonder’. This is the apt nickname of Tom Bridge. Shout it at him upon sight.

‘The Whaleys’ Awards. This is the podcast’s annual awards show, started in 2020 because at the time, there was nothing in the way of a credible awards show in the industry. The name originates from the fact that Liam Whaley (now a frequent guest on the podcast) had ignored all of Adrian’s naggy, whiney calls for many years.

The Hannah Whiteley Moment. This is a sensitive subject that Adrian likes to bring up. It refers to a time not long ago when, upon seeing Hannah in the distance, Colin Colin bounded over and asked an innocent question – that took 90 seconds to ask. It was more of a monologue. It would have been fit for the stage or perhaps a short film, but in this instance, it went down extremely poorly. Those at the scene say that it left all parties involved wanting to die. Colin, on his knees as he approached the 90 second mark, in full awareness of his own lack of ability, eventually caved as said ‘Hannah, could I please ask you that again?’. To which she replied ‘Thank fuck’ – and Colin rephrased it and got it down to a concise 10 seconds.

The Shitmunks vs. SpaceX rivarly. Basically, Adrian and Colin made a bet on who would become victorious in Woo Worlds. Adrian then asked to join the SpaceX team (mostly pro riders). An undisclosed amount of money was exchanged, and they agreed to let the aged kiwi on board. This somewhat irked Colin, and the internet, as it was not in the spirit of the bet, or indeed, Woo Worlds. This caused a deluge of dedicated and sometimes over-enthusiastic ‘Colinders’ to join the shitmunks, creating the biggest team in Woo Worlds. What proceeded was a humiliating and heroic victory for the shitmunks.

Adrian needs to do a naked run in daylight. Because the shitmunks (colin’s Woo World’s team) beat spaceX at their own game – this is Adrian’s forefit.

  • go to beach bar
  • get naked
  • run into the sea
  • return to beach
  • roll around in sand
  • return to bar
  • down a beer
  • proceed accordingly

‘Thanks to us as always’ This exists because the majority of you are reading this having never paid for any of the hours and hours of free content. All thanks to us.

Guy Bridge = ultimate athlete. This is amusing because it is a widely known fact that GBR’s kite racing olympic hopeful has never stepped foot in a gym. And if he has it’s because he got lost and he’s out the door within 15minutes.

Colin is going to win the olympics. Because someone has to.

Colin is the ‘WOO community manager’ This is actually on Colin’s CV, and he’s paid by WOO to act accordingly – but no one, including Colin, has any idea what the job entails.

WOO Wednesdays. Colin’s erratic and futile attempt to do his job as community manager. Sometimes seen on IG stories – and rarely on a Wednesday.

Adrian needs to do a double loop. Because, on one tepid evening in Tarifa, June 2021, Adrian made the bold claim that he is going to try one. This was in the presence of Marc Jacobs, who was very supportive. This claim is yet to be done.