1. Ruben Lenten

September 3rd 2009 – Holland

Ruben commits to the first S-loop in history. He doesn’t land it, but shows the shape and possibility. He spends the next decade+ not being overtly proud of it, stating that he should have been more aggressive.

2. Camdyn Kellett

January 11th 2021 – Cape Town

He breaks his board and lines on this, but the tone is set for the following years. The S-loop hasn’t been forgotten.

3. Andrea Principi

January 14th 2021 – Punta Trettu – Sardina

A 15 year-old Andrea lands his first S-Loop and is attacked online for his effort. It was widely thought that the second loop was too high in the window.

4. Giel Vlugt

Febuary 4th 2022 – Cape Town

Giel Landed his first S-Loop, mins after hearing Andrea had done another.

5. Marc Jacobs

Febuary 16th 2022 – Auckland

Marc lands the first switch S-Loops (both ways).

6. Luca Ceruti

April 2nd 2022 – Lords of Tram France

Landed the first Backroll S-Loop, it was also the first S-Loop in competition.

7. Giel Vugt

April 2nd 2022 – Lords of Tram France

Lands the S-Loop that went on to win the 2022 GKA Move Of The Year.

8. Andrea Principi

August 18th 2022 – Tenerife

Boogie S-Loop Tenerife.

9. Giel Vlugt

August 19th 2022 – Tarifa

Not to be out done by Andrea, Giel lands the first Doobie S-Loop.

10. Andrea Principi

Cold Hawaii 2022 – Denmark

S-loop board off. This was in the final, moments after Lorenzo attempted a Rodeo S-loop (and crashed).

So there you have it -you’re all caught up. We’ll be adding more variations in as they happen. Until then, hear Giel discussing the progression in this episode of the Megapod: