Here’s who did what, when and how

Unhooked Megaloop

Jason Van Der Spuy took to the water and did the expected – it had been circulating the internet in the weeks prior to the event. The grip strength required must be enormous.

Quad Rotation Board Off

Lorenzo Casati used this throughout his 4 heats to take the crown. No one else could match his height and execution. Marc Jacobs said that he’d never seen the quad rotation until KOTA day itself. So Lorenzo must have been sitting on it.

Double Loop

It was a matter of who, not if. And Jeremy Burlando was the first to change down to a 6m and find a gust. It was then done with a late-back and a boogie rotation in Cohan Van Dijk’s round 1 appearance.

Double Contra Loop

A how to make a KOTA debut by Andrea Principi. Look below and you’ll see it’s in the same heat.


First S-Loop at KOTA, and it is done with a doobie rotation. In his first ever heat at in kiteboarding’s biggest competition. Andrea Principi is a weapon.