R.I.P Ocean Rodeo

words: Colin Colin Carroll

When Aluula Composites was founded a little less than five years ago, they had one mission: Disrupt the shit out of the wind sport market.

No one at Ocean Rodeo could have foreseen that Aluula would become so big in such a short period. So big in-fact, that Aluula bought Ocean Rodeo, and then went on to IPO on the stock exchange. Since inception, they’ve grown their portfolio from one product (the majestic gold stuff) and one customer (Ocean Rodeo) to approximately 50 products and 16 brands in the wind sport industry, nine of which already sell products with shiny golden leading edges.

So their latest corporate press release bullshit, why is that interesting you may ask? Well, it explains the demise of Ocean Rodeo:

During Q1 2024, Aluula Composites has become even bigger, partnering with brands outside our beloved industry, in specifics MICHELIN Inflatable Solutions – an 100 percent MICHELIN company.

What does that mean? For starters, new management personnel, so founder and CEO, then Chief Innovation Officer, Richard Myerscough, got sacked and steps down as CIO just a month after the position was created. He will stay on the Board of Directors, but will probably get to spend his hard earned money on endless kite trips through the Caribbeans. So will COO Jon Zimmerman, who is to transition out of the business.

gone-burger: Founder and CEO, Richard Myerscough

Sage Berryman has been assigned as President and new CEO and will expand Aluula to other much more vertically scaling markets.

‘Strategic Refocus’ they call it and it will be interesting for the kite industry, because as of yesterday May 6th, Aluula will discontinue Ocean Rodeo’s operations.

So Ocean Rodeo just died. Because the other markets and products that Aluula can be used in are much much more lucrative.

But, wtf does this mean to you lot?

To dumb it down, there are three takeaways from this news:

  1. Aluula will be even more difficult to acquire for the brands. They’re not publicly stating that but if outdoor gear brands buy huge chunks, kite brands won’t be able to get their hands on Aluula or it will become even more expensive. With more customers in other, more profitable industries, we may need a competing product to Aluula more than ever. Everyone knows, more demand, less offering: prices are probably gonna go up. Or we’ll just have to keep waiting months on our ordered kites to get back in stock.
  2. It’s a buyer’s market for used Aluula kites (esp. from Ocean Rodeo). Dealers, Team Riders, Ambassadors etc. are all gonna flush the already flooded second hand market with their gear, in hopes to keep their losses to a minimum. However, pray to the kiting gods, if you do, because getting spare parts or claiming warranty is basically off the table.
  3. It’s probably not gonna be long, until we see people running around with Aluula jackets and backpacks. To put this shift into perspective, Aluula’s ‘Strategic Refocus’, means onboarding five (5 only!) wind sport brands, whilst they have engaged over thirty (30!) prominent outdoor brands in Q1 2024. So, maybe it will be more profitable to upcycle the kite to a jacket, than to sell it on the second hand market.
  4. Brainchild, who reckon their material is just as light, and half the price, will be jumping for joy. Their competition just got a whole lot weaker. Listen to Brainchild CEO’s plans for domination here:

Now, to celebrate the death of a former loved one, we are selling the Blank Ocean Rodeo kites that we have.

8m Ocean Rodeo Flite

7m Ocean Rodeo Rise

email team@portraitkite.com if interested.

This is the one and only time that we are able to do this.

RIP Ocean Rodeo.