From a deep dive into the Fantasy data.

Photo: Samuel Cardenas

1) Jamie does more Board Offs and more Contra Loops than anyone else.

The winning formula, perhaps?

Jamie’s Contra percentage: 39,29%

other finalists:

Edgar 35,14%

Jeremy 28,57%

Lorenzo 12,50%

p.s. Jeremy and Jamie do Board Offs over 70% of the time

2) Women stepping UP.

in comparison to last year’s riding, the women have have returned to LOT with a new bag of tricks and confidence:

Photo: Samuel Cardenas

3) Local wildcards ain’t workin’.

it is nice and all, giving spots to local riders, but when they underperform like this, you wonder if maybe the other 30+ riders on the reserve list should have been there instead.

4) Nathalie needs to stick it.

Her landing percentage is only 60.71%. Which means, in a heat, she’s statistically only going to land 4.2ish tricks out of her 7 attempts. Which means one more crash and she’s perilously close to not filling out a scoresheet. So, is she taking too much risk? Probably. But that’s why we love her, no?

5) Leonardo is impressive.

I mean, just go back and watch his GKA debut, but if you want to get all statistical:

71.43% of Leo’s tricks are double loops.

p.s. yes, this is obviously skewed data because he rode mostly on day one. 

6) Jeremy literally can’t crash.

His landing percentage is 92,86% (2 crashes in 28 attempts).

This is 7% higher than second place Baby Shark.

What can we glean from this? He maybe needs to take more risk.

You try telling him that though – that final had very sketchy wind.

So there you have it. Stats from the Fantasy gods, given to you, with thanks, from the GKA.

Bring on Gran Canaria and or Brazil (both stops remain unconfirmed).

Check back in here when there’s an annoucement.